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pearljambootlegs.org : Facebook and Twitter
Posted by localhorst on 2013/6/15 10:54:05 (0 reads)

We're now also on Facebook and Twitter.



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pearljambootlegs.org : News
Posted by localhorst on 2012/3/5 13:51:59 (0 reads)

Just a short notice:

Some very very very generous user made an unbelieveable high donation yesterday.

So all costs this side generates are fine until the end of last year.

Even this year now looks very promising

Thanks to all who helped out.

Thank you Thank you Thank you

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pearljambootlegs.org : News
Posted by localhorst on 2009/10/27 14:08:40 (0 reads)

Hi there,

in the next couple of days / weeks there will be limited access to the site. I'm transfering the whole stuff to a new server which will take some time.

After that maybe the download button will be back.
Or maybe I'm starting something completely new ... will see

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pearljambootlegs.org : Vote your favourite PJ show
Posted by localhorst on 2009/9/5 11:13:47 (0 reads)

There's a voting going on on the Examiner Website and I've been asked to put this on the site:

"With Pearl Jam fever at a peak, with a new album and tour, The Pearl Jam
Examiner website will be taking a look back at the band’s celebrated live

Starting in 1991 and running through 2008, The Pearl Jam Examiner will give
fans a chance to vote for their favorite shows of each year.

Given the sheer number of shows the band has played through the years, the
most organized way I could come up with would be to nominate three shows
from each year they played at least ten concerts. Offer setlists, talk about
highlights, and, when possible, provide either a YouTube or audio link to
remind fans of each show, and why it was nominated.

Because Pearl Jam fans are obviously varied on their opinions of what makes
a good show, I’m keeping open the possibility of adding live sets that may
be worthy, but I just happened to miss. Fans can argue their case by leaving
a comment on the Pearl Jam Examiner site or by emailing me.

Voting for 1991 starts now and runs until noon on Tuesday, September 8. The
winner for 1991 will be announced, and then we’ll move on to 1992, and so
Once we reach 2008’s winner, we’ll do a bracketed tourney-style competition
between all the years’ winners.


Some words concerning the download problems: There's still heavy traffic on the site at the moment. We now have 2500 registered users which makes a massive 500 new ones in only the last two weeks. Every time I tried to reactivate the downloads in the last couple a weeks the site crashed almost instantly. I already rented a new quite bigger (and quite more expensive ) server where I will transfer the site to as soon as I'll find some time. I hope this will be somewhere this month. The problem has got something to do with compressing the single mp3 files to archives when you try to download whole shows. I'm not sure why this happens because streaming just works fine and I think it's quite more cpu intensive than creating a zip file is?

So please be patient. The site will be up as it used to be. Maybe even better. I just have a lot of other work to do currently.

Some more 2009 shows are on the way ....

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pearljambootlegs.org : Berlin 2009 - audience recording now online
Posted by localhorst on 2009/8/17 13:50:00 (0 reads)

What a night ... maybe the best show I've ever been to.

Ohh .... by the way ... we have more than 2000 registered users since this weekend ...

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pearljambootlegs.org : News - 2009 audience recordings
Posted by localhorst on 2009/8/14 20:00:00 (0 reads)

I just added the Shepherd's Bush Show.
Found it at some forum. If the taper has something against releasing it here just drop me a line.
I don't know if the ten club has something against sharing 2009 audience recordings cause they will be released officially. So if someone official comes along here and thinks that I should not. Send a mail to mail@pearljambootlegs.org and I will instantly remove them.

I also didn't find any 2008 audience recording anywhere. If there are any I would be glad to put them on the site. Sent links or archives to the above address.

And the next couple of month the site will move to a bigger and larger server. More RAM, more space, QuadCore ....
I'm not sure currently but maybe I will change to another CMS. Hopefully it will keep the user accounts ... but I'll keep you informed.

Hope to see some of you tomorrow in Berlin
We should get some secret sign to recognize each other ;-)

And some last shout to my fellow german countrymen:
If you want your country to stay free ... go for Pirate-Party on the election next month.

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pearljambootlegs.org : Got Some
Posted by localhorst on 2009/6/4 17:10:00 (0 reads)

Like it ...

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pearljambootlegs.org : News
Posted by localhorst on 2008/10/13 18:16:21 (0 reads)

Hi there,

after a longer while it's time to post another news topic. And that's for a good reason. Today we welcomed the 1000th registered user on this site. I think that's fantastic. I never thought that this site would grow that fast when I did the relaunch back in january.
Currently there are more than 650 live shows online. Sadly I do not have more to upload. But in fact I think that there are simply no more available. Except some of the 2000 tour which I somehow forgot to upload but will do in the next weeks.
Maybe I start putting up some EV shows next. Not sure about that though ... The 2008 shows are also missing but I won't upload them until there's an official announcement by 10c that sharing is allowed.

have fun ....

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pearljambootlegs.org : News
Posted by localhorst on 2008/6/3 8:50:00 (0 reads)

Hello everybody,

Some current facts:
More than 500 Shows ....
More than 500 registered users ...
And now with Cover Arts !!!
Only Front Covers at the moment though ... and it will take some time until I integrate all that I have ... See some of the 2000 shows for example
if at the moment there's no cover available an ad is displayed. Those ads are still needed to keep the site alive and still could work better. In fact they are not working out at all currently ...

The bad news is that there's currently only 20GB space left on the server ... hopefully that will be enough for the remaining shows ... otherwise I maybe reupload some shows with lower bitrate to free some space ... we'll see ...


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pearljambootlegs.org : News
Posted by localhorst on 2008/5/13 18:09:55 (0 reads)

Hi There,

it's been a while since my last post.
We currently have a bit more than 400 registered users.
You may have noticed that we had some problems in the last few days. Some new users seem to download all available shows in the least possible time. So the server is pretty busy.
It would be great if every one could reduce the downloading a bit so that I don't have to restart the server 10 times a day because it's hanging.

But thanks again to the people who donated or are contributing shows. I appreciate that pretty much ...

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